Bowling Alley Hoping For Perfect Game From Nearby Casino

on Monday, 10 September 2012.

Businesses which are near the new west side casino in Columbus are evaluating whether it's an asset to have this nearby


The area around the new casino has been in the clutch for a long time, but Georgesville Road, especially, has been in the gutter.

That's why places like Western Lanes at the corner of Georgesville Road and Sullivant Avenue are putting so much hope that the Hollywood Casino puts them back in the groove.

Just because of the new next door neighbor, Western Lanes is planning on a $1.5 million upgrade.

"[The] casino is going to bring a lot more traffic by our bowling center, which will definitely enhance the visibility of our building, and we're getting ready to go through on a renovation. Just like they're building a new casino,” said manager Brian Kretzer. “We're getting ready to build almost a whole new bowling center here."


If Broad Street has seen sweeping changes because of the incoming casino, Georgesville Road has seen wisps.

It is still run down and abandoned, but there is hope.

"Our plan is to open up a Thai and Cambodian restaurant -- just a little bit upscale," said Nyna Sorn while working on her new business venture. The Siam Reap Restaurant is set to open next month directly across Georgesville Road from the casino.

It's hoping to catch the night crowd leaving the casino.

There's still a lot of work to do on it, but once open, it will employ a handful more people than are working on Georgesville Riad now.

"We're targeting somewhere around the middle of October, maybe a little bit before the casino, maybe after the casino opens," she said.

The Metro West Apartments is also spending millions to upgrade their units.

They’re offering special discounts to any casino employees.

Back at the bowling alley, workers are hoping folks who come to the casino split their time with the lanes -- that is if they have time and money to spare.

"We're going to definitely need some more people once this thing gets poppin in which hopefully in four to five weeks it does get poppin," said Kretzer.