Daycare Center Opposes Homeless Shelter Next Door

on Wednesday, 14 November 2012.

COLUMBUS -- Parents and staff members are voicing concerns about plans to open a homeless shelter next door to a daycare facility.The Community Shelter Board expects 200 homeless people to take advantage of the new overflow location on Industrial Mile Road this winter, which will operate directly beside Creative Child Care.

Those associated with the daycare are worried that children will be exposed to loitering and panhandling, among other concerns.Shelter board members told ABC 6/FOX 28 they considered 55 potential locations for the shelter, but the Industrial Mile Road venue was the only one that suited their needs.

In an effort to ease the fears of parents, board members say they've agreed to conduct background checks to identify possible sex offenders, and will attempt to set up warming stations around the city to discourage loitering near the daycare.Creative Child Care's operators have created a website to solicit public support for their effort to block the shelter from opening next door, including suggestions for alternate locations.