Delphi Environmental Remediation Update

on Friday, 08 October 2010.

Demolition and Environmental Remediation Update October 6, 2010

Site Overview

• Former Delphi Automotive facility constructed in mid-1940s

• Approximately 1.4 million square feet under roof

• Overall project property is approximately 123 acres

• Structures in addition to the main plant included the power house, storage buildings, guard houses and a wastewater treatment plant

• Main plant building included basement and subsurface restrooms


Demolition Activities Update

• Major structural demolition of the main plant facility completed in late June

•To date, 95% of the materials from demolition have been recycled

• ~ 35,000,000 pounds of steel and metals processed and recycled

• ~ 150,000 tons of concrete, asphalt and wood block crushed and recycled for use on-site

•Concrete crushing complete by mid-October

• Approximately 100,000 tons of concrete crushed to date

• Concrete will be reused as backfill and base for internal development roads during casino construction


Environmental Remediation Update

• To date, EMS has imported approximately 46,550 yards of clean soil to backfill the basement, excavation areas, and subsurface bathroom voids

• EMS has removed and transported approximately

21,400 tons of impacted soil offsite for disposal at a regulated facility

• Environmental excavations and backfill activities expected to be complete by late October

• Former lagoon ponds are currently being drained; removal, backfill and re-grading of the lagoons pending Section 401 and Section 404 permits from Ohio EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, respectively



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