Long-Time West Side Restaurant Closes

on Monday, 03 February 2014.

They say their lease expired and the restaurant will be replaced by a convenience store

COLUMBUS, Ohio - If you grew up on the west side of Columbus, odds are that you ate a George's coney at some point in your life.
But the restaurant's six-decade run in west Columbus is coming to an end.
Meals inside George's All-American Grille came with a side of tears and an extra helping of hugs Wednesday--evidence that George's is more than just a restaurant.
"We have a special bond,” owner Dawn Mavromatis said of the relationship between the staff and customers. “They don't just come in for a nice hot meal and get good service. They come in for the fellowship as well."

Mavromatis said the final day of business on Georgesville Rd. was a difficult day for her.   She says some customers have been regulars for decades and that some of them feel like extra sets of parents and siblings to her.   "We have our George's family, and I appreciate all of their support over the years,” Mavromatis said.   It is a feeling shared by the guests, who have a wide range of reasons for visiting.   "We like it,” said customer Billie Helms. “We like the atmosphere. The people are friendly and everybody's nice."   "It's the best coneys. All you've got to do is look at them,” customer Cheryl Legget said. “The best service. Family owned."   George's was originally located at 3479 W. Broad St. It opened there in 1948 and moved to the Georgesville Rd. location ten years ago.   The restaurant says its business dropped by about 40 percent since the Hollywood Casino opened, but the owners say the casino is not the reason why they'll be moving.   They say their lease expired and the restaurant will be replaced by a convenience store.   Owners say that by early February George's will find new life about 7 miles away in Grove City on Old Stringtown Rd.   "I'm excited for new beginnings,” Mavromatis said.   Still, both staff and customers alike say the west side won't be the same without George's. For them, it's like a family member is moving away.

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