More impressive than the Penn National investment

on Monday, 20 August 2012.

Columbus Hollywood Casino is giving “first looks” to the media today. Even more impressive (in terms of Weston revitalization) is the investments being made near the casino! These investments are being made by large and small business alike. All have fought for years to keep this a economically viable corridor.

These investments include (but are not limited to):

  • The demolition and rebuild of Layman Chevrolet started today.
  • The demolition and rebuild of McDonalds Restaurant (3633 West Broad) started last week.  
  • The construction of a new McDonalds  (Grener Road) started last month.  
  • The construction  of a new Biglots (4620 West Broad) is ongoing.  
  • The rebuild of Huntington National Bank (121 Georgesville Road) is ongoing.
  • The ongoing rebuild of MetroWest Apartments ( Georgesville Road) is ongoing
  • The demolition and rebuild of TeeJay’s (4048 West Broad) is complete.
  • The demolition and rebuild of Georgesville Road is nearing completion.


I am sure several other projects will soon be added to this list.


Chris Haydocy

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