Tee Jayes Invests in Weston District!

on Tuesday, 10 July 2012.

From Dayna Sokol, President - Tee Jaye's Country Place Restaurant

Tee Jaye's Country Place opened on the West Side in July 1983. We have seen the West side busy and active and then watched neighboring businesses pack up and move elsewhere.Tee Jaye's stayed and weathered the storm and never thought about leaving. We are now looking forward to being part of the Weston revitalization!.

We have invested over $600,000 in expanding and remodeling our restaurant. We felt this was a good time to change our look and update our image. We will be adding 30 new jobs to help in our growth along with all of our longtime employees.

If Penn hadn't invested in the West Side, we would not be leaving but surely wouldn't have done the expansion. We are looking forward to our West Broad location being #1 in the company!

We are proud of our heritage on the West side because we have wonderful customers that have been very loyal over the years. We hope to add to that and make it one big happy family. Our West Broad location has been one of the best over the years and will continue on especially with the new look.

We are so proud to be part of the revitalization of the West Side.