Parks, Paths Part Of Proposed West Side Columbus Facelift

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After months of research, a group of OSU students made their final pitch on Wednesday for real life solutions to problems lingering on the west side of Columbus. “The quality and well-being of people is very important, obviously in the west side. Currently, the west side has about 5.2 acres per 1000 people and Columbus deems it adequate green space to have 5.5 acres; and so they have a deficiency there,” said OSU senior Daniel Yontz.

They said that deficiency can be corrected by by taking advantage of a new bike path that's already in the works over the next few years, and ultimately, more green space.The trail itself will follow the rail road tracks, which are close to Columbus’ casino.

Jody Dzuranin, with Consider Biking, is ready to see a completed path on the west side. “So, this is a key section that will welcome people in to Franklin County,” said Dzuranin.

She's excited about the 325 mile trail, which will eventually connect southwest to north east Ohio.
“So there would be recreational trails and then maybe the bike hub,” said Dzuranin.

Now she, along with students, park enthusiasts, and city officials are envisioning its ripple effect. They plan to capitalize on yet another catalyst for the west side's growth. The group said green space and trails can increase home value, attract home buyers and boost people’s health.



Proposed Zoning Overlay

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You can preview the proposed zoning overlay by downloading your copy here W_Broad_Overlay-Briefing_Supplemental_Handout.pdf



Casino, City Still Negotiating Annexation Deal

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No Agreement Yet

Franklin County is pursuing a $6.2 million road construction project to widen Georgesville Road in time for the opening of the Hollywood Casino Columbus in 2012. Work is expected to begin next summer, but a clear timetable will emerge after the ohio public works commission decides in december how much funding it will contribute to the project.

Penn National plans to give up some of its 123 acres of land in order to allow for new turn lanes into the future casino site, as well as a sidewalk and a shared bike and pedestrian pathway.

The area across from Key Bank on Georgesville Road is currently projected to be the casino's main entrance. The casino is expected to employ at least 2,000 people in permanent positions. The road project is expected to take up to 15 months to complete.

The Stake Holders

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Weston Vision Inc. is comprised of far west side leaders representing a broad array of business, community and government interests, all committed to building consensus and collaborating on the redevelopment of this area. Inclusion is key so a united front is presented when advocating for resources and support needed to bring about real and sustainable change. This list will grow and evolve as new stakeholders are identified.


Download The Adopted Frame Work

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You can preview the interim framework adopted by Franklin County by downloading your copy here.