The Weston Vision Partnership

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Weston Vision Inc. (Nonprofit) is committed to the revitalization and sustained growth of the west side of Columbus in the area surrounding the Columbus Hollywood Casino, achieved through a collaborative approach with all community stakeholders.


ONE VOICE – Weston Vision Inc.serves as a strong and clear voice advocating for the mutual interests and success of local businesses, neighborhoods and governments. By channeling communications and critical thinking through the Coalition, this area will maximize the benefits of the $400 million investment coming with the casino, both now and for years to come.

Common Vision

All Weston Vision members embrace a shared vision for the casino district. This vision will support specific goal, both short- and long-term:

1. Economic Revitalization

  1. Jobs creation, in partnership with business and public interests (i.e. COWIC).
  2. Lower commercial/industrial /residential vacancy rates from current level – 67%.
  3. Greater balance of uses, including office and residential.
  4. Appropriate mix of business for sustained growth.
  5. Leverage casino to attract complimentary commercial investment.
  6. Leverage EB5 designation to attract complimentary commercial investment.

2. Urban Design Excellence

  1. Create a plan for an attractive, sustainable district employing best planning practices for renovation of distressed commercial/industrial/neighborhood areas.
  2. Development patterns will include mixed uses, walkable pedestrian connectivity, connection to bikeways, compact development, reduced parking footprint, transit facilities, tree-lined streets, brownfield redevelopment, universal accessibility, etc.
  3. Development standards for new buildings and facilities will be developed to insure consistent high quality.

3. Community Quality of Life

  1. Engage residents in the redevelopment efforts and ongoing commitment to a higher quality of life.
  2. Seek to fill casino and related business positions with the local workforce.
  3. Crime reduction.
  4. Support residential diversity and stability, including recognition and action to address potential social impacts of the casino.
  5. Invest in educational outreach, including environmental and hospitality programs with education partners (i.e. Hocking College, Columbus State, local school districts, libraries, etc.)

4. Green Commitment

  1. Recognizing the environmental challenges and the accompanying opportunities for creative solutions, the Casino District Coalition will overlay environmental and energy best practices on all elements of investment and redevelopment.
  2. Development strategies will embrace sustainable design to include green buildings (i.e. LEED Certification), storm water management, waste management, alternative energy sources, light pollution reduction, green infrastructure, etc.
  3. District-wide recycling program.
  4. Green business incubator – partner with local business, utilities and others.
  5. Branding of the Weston District as an exemplary model for environmental excellence in community redevelopment.
  6. Leverage the Get Green Columbus GreenSpot program into the community.